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Workout of the Day

1) Overhead Squat 6 x 10
2) "Jackie"
Row 1000m
50 thrusters, 45 lb.
30 pull-ups

5 Barbell Rules -CrossFit Lisbeth

Happy Father's Day!
Comments: Favorite dad story?

Todd and Alan team up for some early morning handstands



June 20, 2011
4:06 pm

woohoo, 1st one to comment.

The most memorable story I can think of is when I was a 6-8 years old. I had fallen asleep while my dad was driving. We were going to cut wood for my grandparent’s in the backcountry of the New Mexico and Colorado border, very hilly and filled with canyons. Along the way I woke up while he was still driving and not knowing what dirt road we were on, I had asked where we were. Instead of trying to explain where we were, he got after me for not staying awake and not paying attention to where we were! At the time I thought it was harsh, but to this day I still don’t have or need a GPS!

Thanks dad for being tuff for my own benefit.


June 20, 2011
4:10 pm

Wow! no dad stories today.

I feel very lucky to have one of the greatest dads ever. My dad is truly my best friend. He is the one person I can truly trust, talk to about anything, he’s always available no matter what’s going on. The list goes on and on….

The only problem is…. life is so damn busy it’s hard to see him as much as I would like.


June 20, 2011
4:25 pm

Where is everybody?!?!

Lara Neiffer

June 20, 2011
5:36 pm

My favorite dad story surrounds a 1972 Chevy Stepside. I was working out in Hillsboro & living in Oregon City – every single day during a one week super rainy period this ‘ol pick up broke down. Every single day my dad would come out to fix it & toss me back out there again -ha!

Peggy Rollens

June 20, 2011
5:44 pm

My dad was a real character. He was notoriously cheap and loved to frequent auction sales, the kind that sell all kinds of worn-out junk. I remember he’d buy boxes of random junk for 50 cents. One time he even brought home a mannequin’s leg! When I was really young, sometimes I’d go with him to the auction sale and he’d buy me a Big Hunk candy bar and a Mountain Dew.

Anyway, one of my favorite memories of my dad is the time he came back from an auction sale in Woodburn with a box full of expired Twinkies that he bought off the back of somebody’s truck. He put them in the freezer and ate Twinkies all winter long. I’ll always remember that and the time my mom & I burned his orange polyester pants in the fireplace when he was away on a business trip. Love & miss you, dad!


June 20, 2011
6:21 pm

I have so many stories about my dad. I remember once my bro and I were with my dad in the Burgerville drive through. My dad paid and then drove off without getting the food. Of course my bro and I screamed out, “hey, dad!! you forgot the food!” Also, no matter what you say to him and he doesn’t hear you, his response is always, “how much?” — Me: “hey dad, I went to the gym today and did a workout called Murph.” Dad: “how much?”

My dad has taught me that although something may seem like a big deal, in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t. He has taught me to be respectful, that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and to make sure you get the whole story. He also taught me how to do a back handspring and how to change oil in a car. My dad has worked so hard his whole life. Hey dad, time to retire!

Peggy.. your mannequin leg reminds me of “A Christmas Story.” — Frageeelayyy….


June 20, 2011
6:39 pm

Scott and my dad has these crazy responses to all questions like Karen’s dad! His are routinely, “buck fifty”, “it was a Buick” & “I’d rather eat at Ponderosa”
But my favorite are the ones that all involved the “s” word.

Dad, do you like my new shoes?
Wish I had 2 of ’em… to “s” on and one to cover it up with!

It’s really hot today, huh Dad
Hope to “s” in your easter basket!

man I love my Dad. He has taught me to find the humor in everything and not take things too seriously.