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Workout of the Day

"Joker's Wild"

Draw 12 cards, but do not look at them. At 3,2,1 Go!, flip over your first card.
Diamonds = ring pushups X 2
Hearts = toes to bar
Spades = sandbag getups
Clubs = KB Swings, 70/53
Joker = 25 Burpees
Queen of Hearts = 400m run
Reps are given by the number on the card; aces = 1, jacks = 11, queens = 12, and kings = 13
*Each card is revealed only after reps from the previous card have been completed.

Finisher: Prowler Team Relay

The next WellnessFX blood draw is scheduled for this coming Wednesday between 7 and 9 AM. If you'd still like to get involved in the program, register here first.


Cinco De Mayo:
Vancouver Fitness Challenge benefiting SHARE Vancouver

This year’s SHARE-CrossFit Fundraiser will be a partner challenge that starts and finishes here at the box.  In between, there will be a series of events that take place throughout the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.  Anyone can participate, no special skills or CrossFit experience necessary.  Additional details will be released in the next week, but for now all you need to do is find a friend to enjoy the morning with.  Suggested donation is $20/person and 100% of proceeds will go to SHARE.  There will also be a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta/Potluck to follow the 9:00 AM event.




April 13, 2012
7:37 am

I love this workout. I remember when Tiffany M. and I (as partners) both drew BOTH Jokers…what are the odds?I can’t wait to get back into the box full-time! I miss the WODs, the Peeps, and the ability to just get a good sweat on! (For reasons other than being a walking oven :)) Hope to see everyone very soon!

Casey P

April 13, 2012
8:11 am

There were several in the Breakfast Club this morning that drew both jokers… Pour souls!


April 13, 2012
8:32 am

This WOD is the best bc it is the luck of the draw. Last time I had about 30+ 100ln sandbag get ups and was blaming the person flipping over the card and wanted to crush them with the bag after each spade I saw.


April 13, 2012
8:39 am

Always blame the card flipper, not the dealer Pete 🙂


April 13, 2012
9:07 am

Libby I totally remember this! It was a great workout 🙂 I am almost positive my draw was rigged! Ha


April 13, 2012
12:35 pm

Shout out to Jason during 10am class, he did over 60 ring pushups. Sorry, I was the card flipper:)


April 13, 2012
2:33 pm

Congrats to Sonya on a big double under pr this morning!


April 13, 2012
3:39 pm

Nice, Sonya — every DU PR is worth celebrating!

Is Strong Saturday back to 11:00 tomorrow?


April 13, 2012
4:07 pm

I always get slammed with sb getups on this one, and today did not disappoint along with the joker I flipped on my first card. I was my own card flipper, so I have no one to blame but myself 🙂
I still love this one though. It’s one of my favs!


April 13, 2012
6:44 pm

@ Nancy:
Open gym at 9
Combat at 10
Strength at 11