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September 2017
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Workout of the Day

Teams of 3:

300m Litter carry
75 D-ball cleans
75 Toes to bar
800m DB Farmer's Carry
75 Handstand push-ups
75 Calorie Ski
300m Litter carry

*During the work between the carries, use the following rotation:
1-work, 2-hold top of the push-up position, 3- rest. During the DB Farmer's carries, the DBs may not touch the ground.

Betsy, Roo, and Jess take off on a litter carry during “Burpee Litter,” the first event on Sunday and 11th of the weekend for teams competing at the CrossFit Games.  This workout was mainly settled by the speed and grit of the females, and these three girls delivered.  After bouncing between 3rd and 8th place overall on Friday and Saturday, Team CrossFit Fort Vancouver clung to narrow 6 point lead over 4th-place entering the final day of competition.  CFV took 6th in the event and 3rd in the final, ending up 3rd overall, 48 points ahead of 4th place.  When the dust settled, just four points separated 4th through 7th place on the overall leaderboard.  Photo by Jeff Duncan


CFV Competitor Meeting is Saturday 9/9, 8:00 AM
Everyone is invited!


Austin Crook

September 8, 2017
5:07 am

Good morning, CFV. Exciting news, the Endurance class is moving to Saturday mornings starting October 7! Can’t wait to see you!!

Steve F

September 8, 2017
8:21 pm

Looking forward to the return of the mighty endurance WOD.