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Workout of the Day

Wendler Wednesday Week 6:

Front Squat and Bench Press:
3 @ 70%
3 @ 80%
3+ @ 90%
3p @ 70%
3p @ 70%

-Finish with 45 Strict Pull-ups

I didn’t realize I have a habit of mauling people with a bearhug at the end of workouts until I saw these photos, but if I’m going to keep coaching competitive exercisers, it’s something I’ll be working on!  Sorry Tennil!
Photos by CrossFit Games
…CrossFit Invitational Recap (continued)
Yesterday’s recap was LONG!  I guess that’s what happens on a flight halfway across the world covering quite a few time zones after an awesome week!  Anyway, we just finished Event 2, where Team USA swept the handstand walk course event.  It was unreal!
Event 3 consisted of 6 rounds of 4 synchro bar muscle-ups and 8 synchro hang snatches.  In practice on Friday, we had actually done a very similar workout: 4 rounds of 4 synchro bar muscle-ups and 8 worm clean & jerks.  I was really happy we had some specific practice that prepared us for this event, but also a little nervous for the same reason.  In practice, the worm took a lot out of our team and we were slow to get back on the bar muscle-ups.  We knew we’d need to get on the bar much faster to excel in competition.
The CrossFit Fort Vancouver competitors volunteered to run through this one for us on Saturday morning to help with strategy.  I received the video from Jess on Sunday morning in Australia, the day of the event.  The team agreed the night before that the best approach for us would be quick bar muscle-ups, then two sets of four on the hang snatches.  Allan and Betsy used the same strategy back home and it worked well, so that solidified our plan.  We even played their video on a TV screen in the locker room before our event so the team could see some synchro reps in action.  It was really helpful!
The team also appreciated seeing Allan, Betsy, and the whole CFV Competitor group do the workout just hours before the event because they had seen some footage of the CFV team earlier in the week.  After our first and only practice session with the worm, I wanted to show them a visual of the importance of moving with a purpose in transition during many team events.  I pulled up a short piece of the rope climb-worm push press event from this year’s Regionals.  I planned on showing less than a minute clip, but they insisted on watching the whole thing!  The team was super inspired by seeing how fast and in sync our team moved together at Regionals.  We watched the entire event from start to finish.  Then we watched the Worm Thruster-burpee Regional event and the Worm Clean & Jerk final!  I didn’t plan to show all three worm workouts we did at Regionals, but everyone wanted to see them and it got the crew super inspired and confident in our plan.  Side note: unfortunately we did not do very well on either of the Invitational worm events, but more on that topic later.
As event 3 kicked off, we quickly settled into last place, as expected.  The Australians and Canadians used the same 4-4-4 strategy, except they took off faster.  The Europeans went unbroken on the snatches from the start, but they burned out fast.  Sara Sigmundsdottir definitely didn’t seem herself after a couple days of being ill.  Team USA stayed the course and did a great job of staying in their lane and executing their strategy.  We soon passed Europe but after Pacific and Canada opened up a big lead, it seemed unlikely they would be caught.  The Australians were able to hold the blistering pace, but Canada struggled to stick together on the last couple rounds.  Scott did a fantastic job of “quarterbacking” team USA through those final two rounds and as Canada sputtered, we had a shot to catch them.  They broke the last few snatches one extra time while USA held on, and we sprinted past them in the closest finish of the competition.
Event 3 was a huge win for Team USA.  It was our most complete effort of the entire Invitational.  Our team brought 110% every single second, but the execution of strategy, pacing, working together, and communication during event 3 was the best we did all night.  And being behind Canada the whole way and then passing them in the final seconds was so much fun and one of the most memorable highlights of the competition.
I’m not positive, but after Event 3 I feel like we might have moved up to as high as 2nd place overall.  I don’t really pay too much attention to standings during competition but I can say that the entire USA team was extremely excited and optimistic after claiming a come from behind win over the Canadians in that one.  We returned to the locker room for a quick reset before returning to the arena for some tire flips.
Unfortunately, our placing after Event 3 was the highest we’d climb in the rankings all night.  Unfortunately I also don’t have a 15 hour flight to type out any more story-telling, so I’m going to have to save the rest of the story for another day.  To be continued soon… I promise!

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