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Workout of the Day

1. Snatch 10 x 1
2. Clean & Jerk 7 x 1

Complete your reps between 60% and 80% of 1RM.

3. Front Squat 3 x 3 @ 80% 1RM

4. After Class Extra Credit:
5:00 Airdyne for Calories

• Chad Vaughn, 285-lb. Snatch
• Chad Vaughn, 315-lb. Clean and Jerk

Dave “finishes” a power snatch

The “finish” refers to the final portion of the upward extension in the snatch and clean.  It is the end of the “up,” right before the lifter pulls himself or herself “down” in order to receive the barbell in the overhead or rack position.  The finish is also commonly referred to as the second pull or triple-extension (highlighting the explosive, complete and simultaneous extension of the ankle, knee, and hip joints). The finish needs to be a combination of explosiveness (speed) and full ankle, knee, and hip extension—that is, speed without complete extension, or complete extension without adequate speed, will limit the lift.  For the novice and intermediate lifter, increasing load in the snatch and the clean & jerk should not be the primary focus.  Executing the technique proficiently, even at light load, pays dividends in athletic development.  The Olympic lifts are wonderful tools to improve 7 of the 10 recognized Physical Skills: coordination, speed, power, flexibility, balance, accuracy, and strength.

After 8 weeks of Wendler Strength work, nearly everyone set some significant personal bests last week.  Moving forward, you can expect a steady dose of Weightlifting Wednesdays over the next couple of months.  The goal is to take the gains that we made in strength and use them to improve power, speed and overall fitness.  Today we’ll practice the snatch and clean & jerk and later in the week we’ll build to a heavy single so that everyone has a current starting point to base percentage work on as we progress through the program.  See you in the gym!


Naughty or Nice workout is Saturday at 10:00 AM!  Everyone’s invited, including a heat for KIDS!  Participation is free but please register at and select CrossFit Fort Vancouver as your location.  Also, an RSVP to the Event FB page will help us get a headcount in advance and don’t forget to bring in a toy anytime this week!  Gotta fill up that BIG BOX!

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November 27, 2017
6:48 am

Sign up for Naughty or Nice this Saturday folks- should be a good time!