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December 2017
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Workout of the Day

Build to a 1RM Snatch

Build to a 1RM Clean & Jerk

Naughty or Nice workout is tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 10:00 AM!  Everyone’s invited, including a heat for KIDS!  Participation is free but please register at and select CrossFit Fort Vancouver as your location.  Don’t forget to bring in a toy or two!  Gotta fill up that BIG BOX!  The workout is a 12:00 AMRAP of Hang Power Cleans, Burpees, and Wall Balls.


NEW CLASSES begin Monday, 12/4!

5:00 AM M/W/F- CrossFit Class (CFV Workout of the Day)
9:00 AM M/W/F- QuickFit Class (bodyweight & conditioning)

QuickFit is a 45:00 bodyweight/conditioning class. QuickFit will run on a trial basis for the month of December. If you want to see it continue in 2018, just show up and let us know.  Classes are open to all CFV members.  QuickFit only membership is $99/month.


Congrats to all the CFV athletes that completed 30 or 60 miles during the CFV November Running Challenge!  If you didn’t quite get there, don’t worry- Casper did enough for the rest of us by logging over 150 miles!  Together, we ran nearly 2000 miles.  Way to move!


CFV December Challenge is all about mobilizing the hips!
10 minutes per day:
5:00 deep squat stretch + 5:00 couch stretch (2:30 per side)


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