Adam Neiffer

I grew up on a ranch in Ione, Oregon, where my family raises beef cattle and hay. I was fortunate to learn the importance of physical activity and develop an appreciation for hard work at a young age. I earned a B.S. in Physics and Education & Youth Studies at Beloit College.

During that time, I spent my summers working on the farm, logging, and wildland firefighting. After graduation, I worked for two more years as a crew member on the Zigzag Hotshots. In the off season, I spent time teaching high school science in South Africa, substitute teaching here in Vancouver, and learning/doing/coaching CrossFit in Portland.

I was first introduced to CrossFit in 2005. Although I fell in love with the challenge and functionality of it right away, I quickly learned that sharing CrossFit with others is what I enjoy about it the most. My first coaching experience came across the river at CrossFit Portland, where owners Scott and Rochelle Hagnas and Xi Xia set the standard for high-quality training in the Pacific Northwest.

We opened CrossFit Fort Vancouver in March 2009. Our mission has been simple from the start: to make people’s lives better. Today, our coaching staff is a team of a dozen amazing leaders who share the same passion to help others.

Later in 2009, I had the privilege of marrying the love of my life, Lauren. Since then, we’ve been blessed with a beautiful daughter Emma and are expecting another baby this May.

I have the privilege to come to “work” every day and be surrounded by great people and coaches who continually inspire me to be a better person. My hope is that as an individual and a community of people, our gym can do the same for others.

Whether your goal is to climb a mountain or just climb the stairs without getting winded; whether you’re training to be a better soldier or a better grandmother; whether you want to lose 50 lbs. or gain 20; whether you’re training for the CrossFit Games or just looking to get some exercise; we’ll meet you at your current ability level and help you improve. See you in the gym.

Brad Tierney

I’ve been striving for strength and endurance gains since I started lifting weights in my best friend’s old hay barn when I was 12. (I wasn’t actually lifting heavy enough weight to have any negative side effects.) I was so motivated as a child that I cut down trees in my parents’ back yard in Battle Ground to build my own pull-up structures.

At 18, I started focusing all my attention on a very successful tour in the military, maintaining an association with that line of work to this day. I still have a passion for precision marksmanship and competitive shooting.

Introduced to Crossfit in Baghdad in 2008, I embraced every aspect of it right away, like safe and proper movement, real fitness, proper nutrition, and especially community. Bringing my experience operating in stressful, high-threat environments to coaching athletes here, I help them focus on having fun, staying calm and remaining in control during tough, high-intensity workouts.

As head coach for our CrossFit 101 program, I am especially interested in working with new members to develop–and successfully attain–new health and fitness goals. Feel free to e-mail me to get started on those goals right now!


Karen Puyleart


Thanks for checking out CF Fort Vancouver! My background doesn’t include high school or collegiate sports. I was always active, however, playing outside as a kid and spending time in and out of gyms over the last 20 years, including some BJJ and intermediate level Krav Maga. It wasn’t until I discovered CrossFit in 2008 that I realized there was so much more I was capable of.

Learning to climb to the top of a rope in my late 30s and learning to swim in my early 40s just goes to show you that you are never too old to learn something new. Being a coach here at CFV for the last few years has been very rewarding to say the least, helping many people reach their goals with fitness and nutrition. No matter your fitness level, anyone can do this. Whether you have been an athlete for many years or you haven’t touched foot in a gym for years, if at all, yes you can do this!

Certifications and More
Gym Jones (Intermediate)
CrossFit Certs include Level 1, Gymnastics, Nutrition, Kids, O-Lifting
USAW Sports Performance Coach
Cooking Blog – Purely Primal
Beyond the classes I teach, I’m also available for personal coaching. Please e-mail me for details.

John Frieh

The Formalities
John spends his days as a project manager for a local semiconductor company (or as he calls it “cube farming”).

Upon the recommendation of a friend John was introduced to CrossFit in April 2007. He subsequently completed a Level 1 CrossFit Certification in September of 2007 and has been coaching since. In addition to CrossFit, John has amassed over 100 hours of private training and instruction with Mark Twight and Rob MacDonald of Gym Jones, Rob Shaul of Mountain Athlete, Steve Maxwell, and Dan John among others.

Slander and Lies
John climbed his first mountain at the highly impressionable age of 14 and was subsequently introduced to rock climbing a year later. Fast forward ahead almost 20 years of road trips, speeding tickets, sleep deprivation, successes, failures, epics, first ascents, gallons of coffee and countless partners and John still climbs as much as his other obligations allow. And, of course, loving every minute of it. After his first week of CrossFit, John dumped his prior climbing training regiment and hasn’t looked back. He has been Crossfitting ever since.

Cheryl Boatman

Where do I start?  I’m a former athlete, a wife, mother and professional photographer. In my forties now, I am proud to say that I am an athlete once again.

I spent the majority of the past 20 years nearly 100 pounds overweight. After an endless number of weight-loss attempts, I had secretly resigned myself to be that weight for the rest of my life. If this is you, I know your pain. And I understand the diminished self-confidence and embarrassment you may be suffering. More importantly, I believe in your ability to turn that ship around. I know, because since I started CrossFit in early 2010, I have lived it. It IS possible. All you have to do is show up!

One of the most exciting things that has happened is being asked to become a CFV coach, which means I get to pay it forward. “It” being the drive and support to help you become a better you…maybe even the best you. It won’t happen overnight, but if you are willing to work, we will help you be successful. It doesn’t matter what your current level of fitness is. When I joined CFV, I couldn’t even do a sit-up without help! While I can do lots of sit-ups now, I am still a work in progress. We all are. The workouts are scalable to your ability, and we coaches are here to help you. It won’t be long before you are feeling stronger, happier and better. You can do it!

“I’m not here to be popular. I don’t need to be liked. I’m here to share what I know, what I need to say, what I need to pass on. If any of you learn from my words, then I am a success. If I learn from you, then you are a success. We are all teachers and students — no matter our age, our positions, our roles in CrossFit or the world. The key to life is figuring out when to play each role. Sometimes the teacher, sometimes the student. We all wear different hats at different moments.” ~ CrossFit Lisbeth

Jessica Core

I began CrossFit in May 2009. My husband Chad was on a wildland fire hotshot crew with Adam Neiffer who introduced him to CrossFit.  Chad would talk about it all the time and I thought it was a man’s sport, because how was I going to lift those heavy weights? When Adam opened CFV I wanted to support him by coming in for a workout. CrossFit made sense now, because there was a coach helping with the lifts and scaling to appropriate weights.  Most of all I loved the competition atmosphere. Long story short, I was hooked. I joined the CFV affiliate team for the 2009 CrossFit Games. Now I was even more hooked. The more I was in the gym, the more friendships I made. This now was becoming my lifestyle. I trained even harder to make the CFV affiliate team the following year, because now the competition was increasing nationwide.  We took first place at the 2010 Games!

Since the beginning of my CrossFit training I was enrolled in nursing school at Oregon Health & Science University out of the La Grande, OR campus. I would stay there for classes and clinicals and commute back to Portland every week. In 2011 I graduated nursing school with honors, got my RN license and had my first amazing baby boy, Vedder. I continued CrossFit all the way up to my 8th month of pregnancy. Now I am back with full force!

My athletic background involves just loving the feeling of being an athlete. I did dance team in high school, taught cycle classes for 3 years and then began participating in century bike rides in the NW. My favorite color is green. I enjoy wine tasting, weekend getaways, going to casinos, playing volleyball, CrossFit, Keeping up with the Kardashians and feeling smart when I get a Jeopardy question right!

Overall, I enjoy setting high standards for myself and others and pushing them to believe that they are capable of achieving more and overcoming a challenging obstacle.  No whining and no egos!

Nathan Loren

A State Farm Agent by trade, my beautiful wife Jessica and I have two awesome boys. In December 2007, my good friend Derek Lappe introduced me to CrossFit to help us prepare for the upcoming season of archery elk hunting. Funny, now CrossFit dominates my entire year, except for hunting season!

I’ve been competing since 2009, as an individual and on the CFV CrossFit Games team, including during our 2010 first-place Affiliate Cup finish. Competing can become a great way to test short- and long-term goals for everyone.

Going outside our comfort zone is part of what defines us as people. That’s one of the many reasons I encourage everyone, regardless of your fitness level, to test yourself in a competition environment.

If you’re looking to qualify for the CrossFit Games, get your first pull-up, or just be part of a fantastic community of people, then CrossFit Fort Vancouver is your place! See you in the gym!


Chris Anderson

Hi, I’m Chris. I’ve been a Corrections Deputy with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office since 2000. When I started CrossFit in 2009, I was 80 pounds heavier and my health problems included symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, social anxiety, joint problems, and depression, among other things. All of which completely went away after cleaning up my diet and becoming involved in CrossFit.

CrossFit has changed me in a way that affects every aspect of my life. I have found the physical and mental battles we overcome and win in the gym directly translate into being able to fight and win the battles we encounter at work and in our personal lives.

I became a coach because I enjoy teaching and helping people achieve their goals. My athletic background includes basic gymnastics, martial arts, and defensive tactics.

When I’m not at the gym or hanging out with my lovely wife and two beautiful daughters, I am likely to be found outdoors. I love cross country adventure racing, hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, biking, hunting, shooting sports, zombies and pretty much everything else outdoors.

Hope to see you around the gym soon!



Jason Dement

Hi, I’m Jason. In addition to being a coach here, I’m also a firefighter in Clark County. I started CrossFit in 2010 after watching a CrossFit video at the station and trying the workout with my crew. It left us all humbled and wanting more.

Shortly after, I joined CrossFit Fort Vancouver and instantly gained a new community that pushes each other and celebrates hard work. I really enjoy being able to witness — and be a part of — the positive changes people experience through CrossFit and quality coaching. Helping an athlete obtain a goal, or achieve something they thought was previously impossible, is why I love coaching.

Here’s some of my advice for newcomers:
Don’t be intimidated. There are a lot of different levels to CrossFit and it’s infinitely scaleable to anyone’s fitness level.

Be patient. No need to get frustrated, fitness is a life-long journey. Keep working hard and you’ll get where you want to be.

Finally, have fun. High five other athletes and cheer each other on. It doesn’t matter if you finish first or last, everyone completed the same workout and we all did it together. Celebrate that with one another.

Colin McClain

Hi, my name is Colin. Fitness has always been a stronghold in my life. Growing up participating in sports, I was fortunate enough to continue my football and baseball careers in college.

Through sports, I learned what discipline and a good work ethic could do for one’s mind and body. You’d think being a retired athlete that my workouts would slow down a bit. But as a wildland firefighter with the Forest Service, I’ve come to appreciate what CrossFit can do for helping to survive the rigors of the job.

My introduction to CrossFit dates back to my senior year in college when Adam and I attempted Angie for the first time. I think it took us close to 45 minutes!

Since then, and with Adam’s guidance, CrossFit grew on me and now has become a part of my life. Working with people is a great honor. I look forward to the opportunity to work with and motivate individuals any way I can.


Ken Hess

Hi, I’m Ken. I’ve been CrossFitting since I first heard about it back in 2006. I was apprehensive at first, as CrossFit is a huge paradigm shift from your typical gym routine, and what you read about in all the health and fitness magazines.

However, the more I learned, and the more I experienced, the more hooked I became. Getting my Level 1 Coach certification in 2008, I’ve been coaching ever since and have also earned CrossFit Nutrition and Mobility certifications.

My fitness career started when I was a freshman at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Your typical musician and computer nerd, I was not athletic at all. My father wanted me to start working out, so he set me up with a membership at Gold’s Gym. It was there I discovered my other passion – fitness!

After graduation I got a job as a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness to pay my bills while I pursued a career in music. Health and fitness slowly eclipsed my musical drive, however, and after I found CrossFit I turned my back on the idea of rock stardom altogether. The aspect of health and fitness that interests me the most is nutrition, which has inspired me to go back to school and pursue a degree in dietetics.

Robbie Schaefer

Hey there, I’m Robbie. I started CrossFit in 2009 and have been active in sports my entire life (mainly baseball, basketball, and football). I’ve been a member of CFV for four years

This gym is hands down the best training facility and community I have ever been a part of. I’m in the best shape of my life since wrestling in high school. Throughout my journey here, I’ve made countless friends and training partners. This group is like family.

One of my favorite parts is seeing people improve day in and day out. It can be the simplest things from mobility issues to mastering the Olympic lifts to just plain getting stronger! Some of the best knowledge I’ve gained since starting CrossFit is about mobility and my body. It’s amazing how many ways we can make ourselves move and feel better daily.

There’s also the aspect of mental toughness that goes into a hard workout. I love seeing people face that together and overcoming it. It makes everyday life seem a little easier and you begin to realize that you can do much more than you ever thought you could.

Thank you for visiting CFV and I look forward to helping you achieve better fitness, strength, mobility, and mental toughness

Chris Nordby

I grew up playing sports and enjoyed hiking and other activities. But after multiple wrist and shoulder surgeries from a snowboarding accident, I was on blood pressure meds and weighed 250 lbs. I told my wife I couldn’t do CrossFit …

Luckily she tricked me into trying to climb Mount Adams with people from CFV. I didn’t summit that trip, but was impressed with the community and how fit they were.

No more meds and much less weight, CrossFit has changed my life. I got to climb Mount Adams in a day and have found a new passion to share with my wife and son Dane. I love weightlifting and designing grueling WODs for our Sunday crew.

You can normally find me in the evenings during the week and the 10am class on Sunday.

Nigel Noriega

Hi I’m Nigel. A biologist by trade, I originally started CrossFit as a way to supplement skill-training in mixed martial arts. I needed to find ways to get stronger, recover from serious injuries and gain conditioning without getting hit, choked, or twisted out of joint.

I fell in love with the positivity of the CrossFit movement and became Level-1 certified in Nov 2008. I’ve been coaching CrossFit and competing in Regionals every year since 2009. I’m often joined at Crossfit Vancouver, by my awesome wife, Angie and our fantastic daughter, Adyeeri.

My aim in coaching is to help people achieve gains in functionality that lead to more exhilaration in life! I think CrossFit teaches us how anything we encounter can be a chance to improve at something.

WODs are our toolbox for becoming more adaptable at working through challenges.

So regardless of your starting point, if you are improving your goal-setting, recovery, balance, strength, endurance, confidence, transitions, efficiency or all of the above, then it’s on! 3…2…1…GO!