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Rather than us telling you why we think CFV is special, we’ll let some of our members tell you …

“My CrossFit Vancouver journey began a year and a half after having my third child. I’ve always been active, playing sports from age 5 through college. So after searching for the “key” to weight loss and fitness (lifting weights, spin classes, triathlon training, trainers, boot camps, Weight Watchers, counting calories…) and failing, I was frustrated.

I found myself bored with my workouts and wouldn’t stick with anything for long. My friend Nicki told me about CrossFit, and a few weeks later I found myself walking in the front door here completely intimidated.

Once Adam shook my hand and gym members, just finishing working out, came up to introduce themselves, I knew this was much more than a gym. I could feel the sense of community in the first 5 minutes. I’ve never looked back.

Now I’m 30 pounds lighter, three sizes smaller, completed my first half marathon (and several smaller races), and have competed in three Olympic-style weightlifting meets.

Who woulda thunk? I wouldn’t have accomplished any of this without the proven top-notch coaching, nutritional guidance and advice, and unlimited support and encouragement from my “family” here. I’ve accomplished more (physically, mentally and emotionally) in the last two years than I have my entire life and it’s now becoming a direct reflection onto my three active kids.

Weight loss – check
Best shape I’ve been in my life – check
Constantly varied workouts so I don’t get bored – check
Knowledgeable, patient coaches – check
A second family-check – check

There are lots of CrossFit gyms out there, but CFV stands out among the best. The coaching isn’t limited to just CrossFit, but includes weightlifting, endurance, and nutrition. Whatever my goal is, I can be sure the entire CFV crew (coaches and members) will be right by my side helping me reach them … one burpee at a time.”            – Donna, Member since June 2011

“CFV has changed my life. I was NEVER athletic, or active, even as a kid. I didn’t play sports or anything, and once an adult, I couldn’t stand the thought of going to a gym.

My brother and his wife convinced me to try it after they’d been coming for about a year. I was nervous, I’ll admit, but when I experienced the energy of the gym, I was hooked!

It feels like you’re part of a team, and no matter what level you are as an athlete, you’re considered an equal and are encouraged and cheered on by everyone here. It’s an amazing feeling being part of this community; we are all friends and encourage and support each other on everything.

We are so lucky to have the amazing coaches we do. They have taught me so much about what I am capable of and I continue to learn something new every day I go. I never knew how much I would love picking up that barbell!

I am honored to be part of such an amazing community of people, and even though there are plenty of gyms close to where I live, I drive 25 miles 4 to 5 days a week to come here, because it’s that special to me.”
– Lori, Member since August 2010

“When my coworker told me I needed to try CrossFit, I didn’t yet realize how much it would change my life. After reading about wall balls, toes-to-bar, and ‘thrusters,’ my curiosity got the best of me. Two weeks later, I finally headed down here to see what this whole ‘Crossfit thing’ was all about.

After about a month, I began to see that CFV wasn’t about who was the fastest or had the heaviest front squat. The members cared about every individual and their relative goals. People were focusing on my personal progress as much as their own.

Classes at CFV soon became an everyday occurrence. I was breaking personal records and losing weight faster than I had imagined possible. I hadn’t even noticed until someone told me I looked like I was ‘swimming in my shirt.’

At that point, I realized I wasn’t going to CFV for the weight loss or PRs, I was going because I had found something more than a gym. I had found a family and a place that felt like home.

Now when someone asks me about CrossFit and CFV, I don’t tell them about the building, the barbells, or the workouts. I tell them about the family I have found and am honored to be a part of.”         – Joe, Member since April 2012

“Before I started, I was going nowhere fast on my treadmill and was totally bored out of my mind. So ready to get back in shape, I decided to finally listen to my friend Cheryl’s gentle, yet persistent, prodding. And reading her success story up here sealed the deal!

On the first day, I never dreamed that soon I’d be in the best shape of my life (well, maybe tied with when on my college swim team circa 1983). Within just a few months, inches were flying off and pants sizes were dropping fast. Now I’m still shocked when I look back at pictures of myself and remember sucking serious wind on the easiest of hikes.

Yes, I put in the work, but I’d be nowhere close to where I am today without the incredible training I get here. All the coaches are as good with someone just starting out as they are with the most experienced CrossFitter. They’re super patient, knowledgeable, and focused on helping you get fit safely.

And the other members? A special group, for sure. They believe in you when you don’t. In my first year, on a race starting line, a few of them talked me into running the 10K even though my first 5K was just a few months prior. They all knew I could do it, but I doubted it until my last mile (which was my fastest). I’ll never forget that day. That spirit of support is what makes CFV such a special community, not just a gym. It’s why I drive from 40 minutes to get here.”                                                                                                              – Nancy, Member since March 2011