Daily Workouts

Wed, 05/27/20
Workout of the day

5/27 Whiteboard Brief

12min EMOM

A. 10 Single leg deadlifts @2020, rightB. :30 Hollow holdC. 10 Single leg deadlifts @2020, leftD. :30 Supermans

8:00 AMRAP

2-4-6-8-10... Down-upsDB Hang clean and jerks, each arm

Tue, 05/26/20
Workout of the day

5/26 Whiteboard Brief

4 rounds not for time

200m Farmer's Carry1:00 Plank1:00 DB/KB swings or snatches1:00 Flutter kicks

Mon, 05/25/20
Workout of the day

5/25 Whiteboard Brief


For time:1 mile Run100 Pull-ups200 Push-ups300 Squats1 mile RunPartition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats any way you want. Start and finish with a mile run. Weight vest/bodyarmor/weighted pack optional.

Sat, 05/23/20
Workout of the day

5/23 Whiteboard Brief

For Time

24-18-12Single arm DB/KB thrusters Burpee box jumps OR Burpee tuck jumps

Fri, 05/22/20
Workout of the day

5/22 Whiteboard Brief

On a Running Clock:

0:00 - 6:00

10-20-30...Object/DB/KB Reverse LungesSit-ups


10-20-30...Object/DB/KB Power cleansObject/DB/KB Rows (or pull-ups x 5-10-15...)


10-20-30...Object/DB/KB Step-upsSit-ups

Thu, 05/21/20
Workout of the day

5/21 Whiteboard Brief

4 Rounds for time

100m Farmer's Carry15 Push-ups400m Run

Wed, 05/20/20
Workout of the day

5/20 Whiteboard Brief

1. 12:00 EMOM

A. 10 Single leg deadlifts (left leg) @ 2011B. 10 Single arm Z-press or push press (left arm)C. 10 Single leg deadlifts (right leg) @ 2011D. 10 Single arm Z-press or push press (right arm)

2. 8:00 AMRAP

20 DB/KB Snatch50 Double-unders

Tue, 05/19/20
Workout of the day

5/19 Whiteboard Brief

200-400-600-800-1200-800-600-400-200m RunRest 1:00 after each effort. Strive to be consistent and shoot for your 1-mile PR pace throughout.If your 1-mile PR is above 9:00, perform the following intervals:200-400-600-800-600-400-200m RunRest 1:00 after each effort. Strive to be consistent and shoot for your 1-mile PR pace throughout.

Mon, 05/18/20
Workout of the day

5/18 Whiteboard Brief

For Time

60 DB Step-ups60 Pull-ups or Single Arm DB Rows (each arm)120 Push-ups180 Squats60 DB Step-upsPartition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats any way you'd like. Choose a rep scheme you'd like to use to approach "Murph" next week. Start and finish with 60 Step-ups. Weighted vest is optional. If you plan to wear it for "Murph," wear it today!

Sat, 05/16/20
Workout of the day

5/16 Whiteboard Brief

For Time

50 Double-unders50 Push-ups50 Double-unders50 Lunges (weight optional)50 Double-unders50 Down-ups50 Double-unders50 Lunges50 Double-unders50 Push-ups50 Double-unders

Fri, 05/15/20
Workout of the day

5/15 Whiteboard Brief

21-15-9 Reps for time

DB/KB SnatchDB/KB SquatsLateral BurpeesAt 10:00,

9-15-21 Reps for time

DB/KB SnatchDB/KB SquatsLateral BurpeesAt 20:002 Sets:30 Seated Leg Lift:30 Superman:30 Left Plank:30 Right Plank

Thu, 05/14/20
Workout of the day

5/14 Whiteboard Brief

30:00 AMRAP

400m Ruck Run30 Step-ups200m Farmer's Carry30 Sit-ups

Wed, 05/13/20
Workout of the day

5/13 Whiteboard Brief

On a Running Clock


5:00 AMRAP50 Double-unders10 Devil's Press

5:00-8:00Rest 3:00


Repeat:5:00 AMRAP50 Double-unders10 Devil's Press13:00-18:00Rest 5:00


12:00 EMOMA. 10 Right leg DB/KB Bulgarian Split Squats @2011B. :30 Hollow rock/holdC. 10 Left leg DB/KB Bulgarian Split Squats @2011D. :30 Plank Walk-up

Tue, 05/12/20
Workout of the day

5/12 Whiteboard Brief

On a Running Clock

0:00- Run 1 Mile (4 laps)10:00- Run 1200m (3 laps)18:00- Run 800m (2 laps)24:00- Run 400m (1 lap)

OR (scaled version)

0:00- Run 1200m (3 laps)10:00- Run 800m (2 laps)18:00- Run 400m (1 lap)24:00- Run 400m (1 lap)

Mon, 05/11/20
Workout of the day

5/11 Whiteboard Brief


20:00 AMRAP5 Pull-ups (or 5/5 DB Rows)10 Push-ups15 Squats

Sat, 05/09/20
Workout of the day

5/9 Whiteboard Brief

4 Rounds

3:00 Work/ 1:00 Rest1 Round of "DT"5-10-15-20... Burpees

A round of "DT" consists of:12 Deadlifts9 Hang power cleans6 Push jerksAthletes may use one or two dumbbells, kettlebells, a barbell, or a sandbag/object of their choice. After each minute of rest, pick up where you left off on the previous work interval.

Fri, 05/08/20
Workout of the day

5/8 Whiteboard Brief

3 Sets on a 4:00 Timer:1 "Leg Blaster:"

20 Air Squats20 Lunges20 Jumping Lunges10 Jumping Squats

OR "Mini Leg Blaster:"

10 Air Squats10 Lunges10 Jumping Lunges 10 Jumping Squats

At the 12:00 mark, 3:00 AMRAP


Thu, 05/07/20
Workout of the day

5/7 Whiteboard Brief

15:00 AMRAP

20 Sit-ups200m Run

Wed, 05/06/20
Workout of the day

5/6 Whiteboard Brief

1. 3-5 Sets

10 Pistols5-10 Strict Pull-ups, Body rows, or DB/KB Rows

2. 10:00 AMRAP

10 DB/KB/Object Hang clean & jerk20 Step-ups30 Double-unders

Tue, 05/05/20
Workout of the day

5/5 Whiteboard Brief

15 Rounds for time

10 Burpees100 Yard Shuttle Run (50 yards down and 50 yards back)

Mon, 05/04/20
Workout of the day

5/4 Whiteboard Brief

"Tabata This"

Object Reverse Lunge1:00 RestStrict pull-ups, object rows, body rows, or DB/KB rows 1:00 RestHollow Hold1:00 RestObject/DB/KB push press1:00 RestObject squats

Sat, 05/02/20
Workout of the day

5/2 Whiteboard Brief

1. 3-5 Sets

8/8 Single Leg Deadlifts8/8 Single Arm Z-Press8/8 Single Arm Rows

2. "Annie"

50-40-30-20-10 reps for timeDouble-undersSit-ups

Fri, 05/01/20
Workout of the day

5/1 Whiteboard Brief

10 Rounds for time

12 Single arm DB thrusters (6 right, 6 left)12 Lateral Burpees

Thu, 04/30/20
Workout of the day

4/30 Whiteboard Brief

30:00 AMRAP

30 Step-ups (or lunges) with weighted pack400m Ruck Run

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