December 7, 2021

Burgener Strength Barbell Cycling Course

Burgener Strength Barbell Cycling Course

Hello CrossFit Fort Vancouver!

We are hosting the FIRST EVER Burgener Strength Barbell Cycling Course on Sunday, January 9th!

What is Barbell Cycling?
Barbell Cycling means doing multiple reps of a barbell movement. Typically, barbell cycling refers to multiple reps of Olympic Weightlifting movements (snatches, cleans, jerks) and their variants, but other movements such as deadlifts and thrusters can also be included.

Why Barbell Cycling?
Our goal for this course is to teach athletes how to perform multiple reps of barbell movements safely, efficiently, and effectively. We use barbell cycling for three primary purposes: to improve technique, strength, and conditioning.

What makes this course unique?
Grounded in the 50 years of coaching that has made Burgener Strength the standard in weightlifting instruction, our approach to barbell cycling is simple. It is based on the fundamentals of stance, grip, and positions. Combined with athlete and coaching experience that has produced consistent results in CrossFit affiliates for over a decade and repeated success at the highest levels of the CrossFit Games, this course is truly unique. There is nothing else quite like it!

What is the format for the course?
We'll spend a full day (9:00 AM - 3:15 PM) diving deep into the details of barbell cycling. The course includes some lecture, discussion and video analysis, but is primarily movement-focused. Athletes can expect to learn by seeing, doing, and being coached. We’ll finish the day with some “practical application” to put your new skills into practice (a barbell cycling-focused workout)!

Who is this course for?
Barbell Cycling is for anyone interested in getting better at performing multiple reps of barbell movements. If you’ve ever considered how to adapt optimal technique for a one rep max clean & jerk into the most efficient approach for multiple reps in a CrossFit workout like “Grace,” this course is for you. Regardless of your experience level or ability, you’ll learn strategies to improve your movement and performance.

Who is coaching this course?
Adam Neiffer and Cody Looney will be leading the course. Adam and Cody have both been CrossFit affiliate owners for 12+ years at CrossFit Fort Vancouver and CrossFit Advantage. Both are Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainers and members of the Burgener Strength Team. Cody is also a USA Weightlifting National Coach and the Director of Coach Development at Burgener Strength. Adam is a 10-time CrossFit Games Team athlete, Coach of Team USA at the 2017 CrossFit Invitational, and coach of the 2021 Fittest Man on Earth, Justin Medeiros.

Please contact Adam at or (360) 989-7765 for more info. on the Burgener Strength Barbell Cycling Course.


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