May 14, 2021

CrossFit Kids Summer Program

CrossFit Kids Summer Program

Who's excited for summer?

The sun is shining, school’s almost out, and you know what that means? CrossFit Kids! Here is all you need to know about the 2021 CrossFit Fort Vancouver Preschool, Kids, and Teens Summer Programs.


Our Summer Program is for CrossFit Fort Vancouver families and their friends. Preschool ages are ~3-6, Kids' ages are ~7-12, and Teens are ~13-17.


Preschool Class: Mon & Wed @ 9am

Kids Class: Mon-Thur @ 10am

Teens Class: Mon-Thur @ 11am

We are running 2 week sessions throughout the summer.

Session 1: Mon June 21st - Thur July 1st

Session 2: Tue July 6th - Thur July 16th

Session 3: Mon July 19th - Thur July 29th

Session 4: Mon Aug 2nd - Thur Aug 12th

Session 5: Mon Aug 16 - Thur Aug 26th

How to sign up?

Parents can sign their child up for a single session HERE. If you have any questions you can email

Preschool: $50/Session

Kids: $100/Session

Teens: $100/Session

Siblings*: 50% off

For families that would like to participate in all 5 sessions, the total cost is $400 for the entire summer.

*If you are enrolling multiple children, please register the first one and let us know so that we can apply a discount for any additional children in the same family.


Do you provide scholarships for youth?

Yes! We are partnering with Northwest Youth Fitness to provide scholarships for youth of any age. Email to inquire and we will get you set up.

My child is at the age where I'm not sure which class they should be in. What do you recommend?

If you would like to try two classes you are more than welcome to. For example, if your child is 6 and wants to try one preschool class and kids class we can make that happen. The ages are one aspect of maturity we consider when placing athletes into classes. Here's a brief guide to what we focus on in each class:

Our presschool class is all about fun, and we lead them through fun and silly games/activites the entire hour. There is little direction, and mostly redirection. Our goal is to have them associate the gym with joy.

Our Kids class starts the life lessons of hard work, but never at the expense of fun. "I wish I had CrossFit as a kid" is now a reality. Our goal is to pair fitness with fun for the rest of their life.

Our teens class is where we teach that hard work and fun can be one and the same. This is a unique class in the CrossFit world. Our goal is to make this group better people and then better athletes.

What is CrossFit Kids?

The simple answer is... CrossFit. Our favorite short answer is that it is a program where we shape the lives of youth by pairing the incredible benefits of exercise with the joy of having fun with friends. We follow peer-reviewed literature on childhood development to ensure we keep all ages safe and put importance on moving well before moving fast or heavy.

Your first session is free. Let's do this.