August 26, 2018

Fall Running Workshop

Written by Adam Neiffer

Fall Running Workshop

Announcing the CFV Fall Running Program with guest coach Natasha Jackson.

The program includes a Saturday workshop (9/8), video stride analysis, and 4-week program that consists of two workouts each week. It finishes with a follow-up workshop on Saturday 10/6.

What will you experience through improved running mechanics?

-Increased Performance

-Injury Prevention

-Greater Enjoyment and Longevity in Running

1. The Kick-off Workshop - SATURDAY, September 8th - 10:00 AM
This is a 90 minute session dedicated to improving your running SKILL.

2. The Stride Analysis
Expert video analysis giving you individual feedback on your current running mechanics and how you can move better.

3. The Program -
Two running skill-specific workouts each week will give athletes the opportunity to apply, practice, and retain improved running mechanics. Athletes can expect one sprint workout and one distance workout each week. The program is designed to be supplemental to regular CrossFit Fort Vancouver programming.

4. The follow-up Workshop - Saturday, October 6th - 10:00 AM
This is where we put it all together and also retest a benchmark workout from training week one.

Natasha Jackson has been involved in sports her entire life. She excelled in Track and Field at the collegiate level and became a 24 time All American, a 12 time National Champion and a 5 time National MVP. She then went on to a successful career competing professionally for Canada, ranking top 3 in the Heptathlon and High Jump until she retired in 2016. She is now a Certified Personal Trainer and loves to share with others what she has learned from elite coaches, physical therapists, and extensive experience as a professional athlete. She spends her time staying active while raising her 14 month old daughter.

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