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Tuesday, July 16
Workout of the Day

5 Sets OT5min.

3 Rounds of:

1 Power Clean +

1 Hang Squat Clean+

1 Front Squat +

1 Jerk

Build across each set as able.

Tomorrow's Schedule
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  • 5:00 AM CrossFit
  • 6:00 AM CrossFit
  • 7:00 AM CrossFit
  • 8:00 AM CrossFit
  • 9:00 AM CrossFit
  • 10:00 AM CrossFit
  • 11:00 AM QuickFit
  • 12:00 PM CrossFit
  • 1:00 PM CrossFit
  • 2:00 PM Open Gym
  • 3:30 PM CrossFit
  • 4:30 PM CrossFit
  • 5:30 PM CrossFit
  • 6:30 PM CrossFit
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Photo of the Day

Happy 40th birthday to the one and only, Colin McClain!! We have been beyond blessed to have you be a major part of this community since day 1!


“You will NOT be disappointed!! Best gym I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. My whole life I have envisioned myself as an athlete. I get to fulfill that vision every time I set foot in this place. Best support in the world!”
— Kassandra N.
“If there were a sixth star option I would give it to them. A fantastic gym with world class athletes.”
— Garrett T.

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