Daily Workouts

Fri, 05/18/18
Workout of the day

On a 25:00 Running Clock

A. For Time


Toes to Bar

Double KB front squats (53lbs/35lbs)

*Complete 30 double unders after each round. 

B. For Load

4 Rep Max Front Squat

Thu, 05/17/18
Workout of the day

20:00 EMOM

Minute 1- Push press (115lbs/75lbs)

Minute 2- Dumbbell bear crawl (35lbs/20lbs)

Minute 3- Row calories

Minute 4- Rest

*EMOM stands for every minute on the minute

Parallette Accessory Work

2 x 10 Heel taps (both legs)

2 x 0:05 Tuck L-sit hold

2 x 0:05 Single leg L-sit

2 x 0:05 L-sit

*Increase time frame to 0:10 if needed to make each drill more challenging.

Wed, 05/16/18
Workout of the day

Build to heavy

Deadlift 2" Block Pull

*Take 20:00 to build to a heavy single. Allow 2-5:00 between your final 3 attempts.

2 x 1:00

GHD PVC Paddling

2 x 6-8

Glute Ham Raises

2 x 8/8 

Bulgarian Split Squats

Tue, 05/15/18
Workout of the day

For time

21 Snatches (95lbs/65lbs)

7 Muscle ups

15 Snatches (95lbs/65lbs)

5 Muscle ups

9 Snatches (95lbs/65lbs)

3 Muscle ups

*Snatches are full squat 

Every 2:00 for 6:00 (3 sets)

10/10 One arm dumbbells rows

Mon, 05/14/18
Workout of the day

45:00 AMRAP

Run 400 meters

3 Rope climbs

Run 400 meters

15 Clapping push-ups

Workout courtesy of CrossFit.com, 4/13/2018

Fri, 05/11/18
Workout of the day

Every 2:00 for 7 sets

1 Push press

15:00 Partner AMRAP

400m Row (200m per athlete)

35 Wall balls

30 DB Hang clean & jerks (50/35)

25 Partner med ball sit-ups

Thu, 05/10/18
Workout of the day

21-15-9 rep rounds for time


Box jumps 

Deadlifts up to 315/205 and box jumps up to 30"/24" 

2 Rounds not for time

10 Rollover V-sits

1:00/1:00 Lower leg barbell smash

Wed, 05/09/18
Workout of the day

Three rounds for reps

In 8:00, Run 800 meters

Then in remaining time:

AMRAP of "Cindy"

Rest 2:00 after each 8:00 effort.

One round of "Cindy" is:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air squats

Tue, 05/08/18
Workout of the day

For time 

50/40 Cal Row

40 Single arm kettlebell thrusters 

30 No push-up burpees

*Single arm thrusters up to 50/35 lb. KB. Switch hands every 10 reps.

Gymnastics strength/stability

2 x :20 High plank Hold

2 x :20 Ring support hold

20 Strict ring dips (accumulated)

*Set rings at approximately knee height and work to turn them out on high plank hold 

Mon, 05/07/18
Workout of the day

4 Rounds for time 

200m Run

50 ft. Double DB Overhead lunge

10 Toes to bar

5 Bar muscle ups

Not for time

50 Seated bar row to chest

50 Band face pulls

1:30/1:30 Lat roll

Fri, 05/04/18
Workout of the day

Every 3:00 for 3 sets

7 Back squats

*Perform 3 box jumps after each set

30-20-10 rep rounds for time

Kettlbell swings (70lbs/53lbs)

Box jump overs (24"/20")


Thu, 05/03/18
Workout of the day

EMOM for 32 minutes 

Minute 1: 5 Power snatches

Minute 2: 15 Wall balls 

Minute 3: 2 Rope climbs

Minute 4: 20 Jumping lunges

Intended Stimulus: Stamina interval training with approx. 0:15-0:30 rest each minute. Scale as needed to achieve this work:rest relationship. Do not exceed :45 of work in any given minute.

Wed, 05/02/18
Workout of the day

3 Rounds for max reps

1:00 Row for calories

1:00 Double unders

1:00 Strict pull-ups

1:00 Rest

Tue, 05/01/18
Workout of the day

6 Rounds for time

200 meter Run 

15 Burpees

200 meter Run

10 Power cleans (135lbs/95lbs)

Mon, 04/30/18
Workout of the day

Every 3:00 for 4 sets

3 Overhead squats with :03 pause at the bottom of each rep

For time

100 Overhead squats (95lbs/65lbs)

*There is a 7:00 cap on this workout. 

Fri, 04/27/18
Workout of the day

Build to a heavy 

Front Squat

12:00 Partner AMRAP

2-4-6-8-10... rep rounds of

Front Squats (135/95)

Synchro bar-facing burpees

*One works one rests on the front squats, partition reps between partners however you choose. Both work together on the bar-facing burpees. Both athletes must be at the bottom of the burpee (chest and thighs to the floor) simultaneously.

Thu, 04/26/18
Workout of the day

Build to a heavy 

Shoulder press

For Time

21 Push Jerks (135/95)

400m Run

15 Push Jerks (165/115)

400m Run

9 Push Jerks (195/135)

400m Run

3 Rounds NOT for time

10/10 3 Point Dumbbell Row (use a 0:03 lower phase)

15 Hollow rocks

20 V-ups or abmat sit-ups

Wed, 04/25/18
Filthy 50

For Time

50 Box jumps (24"/20")

50 Jumping pull-ups

50 Kettlebell swings (35lbs/26lbs)

50 Walking lunges

50 Toes to bar

50 Push press (45lbs/33lbs)

50 Hip extensions 

50 Wall ball shots (20lbs/14lbs)

50 Burpees

50 Double unders

Tue, 04/24/18

21-15-9 reps for time

Squat cleans (135lbs/95lbs)

Ring dips

Mon, 04/23/18
Fort Vancouver 5K

5K Run

See Photo of the Day below for today's 5K course

Then, one max effort set of strict pull-ups, chin-over-bar hold, or bar hang

Fri, 04/20/18
Workout of the day

7 rounds for time 

15 Box jumps (24"/20")

10 Toes to bar

5 Push jerks (155lbs/105lbs)

Teams of 3

6:00 Max Calorie Ski 

1 works, 2 rest 

Thu, 04/19/18
Workout of the day

21-15-9 reps for time

Chest to bar pull-ups

Kettlebell front rack walk (70/53 lbs)

Back squat (185/125lbs)

Kettlebell farmers carry (70/53 lbs)

For the KB front rack walks and farmer's carries, move 150 ft. during the round of 21, 100 ft. during the round of 15, and 50 ft. during the round of 9.

Wed, 04/18/18
Workout of the day

Every 3 minutes for 5 rounds

10 Hang power cleans (165/115)200 meter run

Tue, 04/17/18
Workout of the day

Every 90 seconds x 7 sets

3 Position snatch

For time

30 Snatches* (135lbs/95lbs)

*These are full snatches, meaning a full squat must be performed on each rep

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