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Saturday, July 11
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1. Front Squat

5 x 3
-:03 pause in bottom of 1st rep

2. 16:00-

1 Mile Run buy-in

AMRAP in remaining time:

10 Single arm DB Thrusters
10 Lateral burpees

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  • 9:00 AM CrossFit
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  • 11:00 AM CrossFit Endurance
Shelan PU

Photo of the Day

That's one strong looking strict pull-up, Shelan!


“I am new to CrossFit ...I like it because it's super fun, it challenges me, and it makes me believe in my own possibilities. CFV has a great culture - a nice balance of facilitating each athlete's independent journey in the context of a supportive and competitive community.”
— Rebecca R.
“Even for a rookie like me, Fort Vancouver is inclusive and "family". It didn’t take long to find my place and feel like I was making progress. You are never left to figure things out on your own and there is always an ultra knowledgeable coach right there.”
— John H.

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