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Saturday, September 21
Workout of the Day

6 Rounds

2:00 Work/2:00 Rest

25 Wall balls

Max Calorie Bike in remaining time

(Each athlete completes 6 two-minute rounds)

Score is total calories completed

Tomorrow's Schedule
Full Schedule
  • 11:00AM Endurance

Open Gym 8:00AM - 12:00PM


Photo of the Day

Wall Balls on a Saturday!


“Great box, and very friendly, and welcoming community of athletes. Recommend for anyone looking to elevate their fitness, or just be part of a great group of individuals that look out for one another’s health and success.”
— Derrick B.
“I am new to CrossFit ...I like it because it's super fun, it challenges me, and it makes me believe in my own possibilities. CFV has a great culture - a nice balance of facilitating each athlete's independent journey in the context of a supportive and competitive community.”
— Rebecca R.

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