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Saturday, June 25
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Partner Workout

13:00 AMRAP

8 Wall Walks

12 DB Front Squats (5/35)

16 DB Box Step-overs

2:00 Rest

3:00 Max Partner Med Ball Sit-ups

One works, one rests during the 13:00 AMRAP; both athletes work together during the med ball sit-ups.

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  • 7:30 AM CFV SPORT
  • 9:00 AM CrossFit
  • 10:00 AM CrossFit
  • 11:00 AM Endurance
9 B696 E57 7 B35 4225 827 B 71894 CDA1 B8 F

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Doing wall walks with a partner? Let’s go!


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— Bryan D.
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— Matthew S.

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