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Thursday, August 22
Workout of the Day

5 Sets

10/10 Single leg KB deadlifts

:30 L-Sit

4 Sets

5 Glute ham raises

10/10 DB Reverse lunges

3 Sets

10 Strict HSPU

2 Rope climbs (legless)

Tomorrow's Schedule
Full Schedule
  • 6:00AM CrossFit
  • 7:00AM CrossFit
  • 9:00AM CrossFit
  • 10:00AM CrossFit
  • 3:30PM CrossFit
  • 4:30PM CrossFit
  • 4:30PM CrossFit Kids
  • 5:30PM CrossFit
  • 6:30PM CrossFit

Open Gym 6:00AM - 7:30PM


Photo of the Day

How much can your school principal front squat?


“Always full of awesome vibes and great people. If you're new to CrossFit and looking for a welcoming gym, this is definitely the place to go.”
— Joey N.
“Great box, and very friendly, and welcoming community of athletes. Recommend for anyone looking to elevate their fitness, or just be part of a great group of individuals that look out for one another’s health and success.”
— Derrick B.

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