March 12, 2018

50 and Fit

Written by Adam Neiffer

50 and Fit Credit: Jeff Duncan

One of my favorite things about CrossFit is that extraordinary moments become ordinary: not in the sense that they are insignificant, but in the sense that they are a regular occurrence. People do amazing things and exceed even their own expectations daily. That's the best part about the CrossFit Open. The workouts are challenging, the positive energy is infectious, and amazing things happen all the time! Some of the very best Open moments include personal records, first pull-ups, and first muscle-ups. It's hard to describe, but you can almost feel the excitement building even before it happens. When a person has put in the work, when they truly know they are capable, and when the people around them believe in them, it's a special combination.

One of those moments happened for Valerie on Friday. 

50 and Fit image

"I started CrossFit almost 2 1/2 years ago, and I have worked hard on my overall strength, my weightlifting technique and my gymnastics skills.  Prior to CrossFit, I just ran as a way to stay in shape. In my first CrossFit class, I couldn't even press a 35 lb. empty barbell over my head."

On Friday, at age 50, Valerie did her very first muscle-up. It was without a doubt my favorite moment of the 2018 CrossFit Open so far.

50 and Fit image

"What I enjoy so much about CrossFit is the camaraderie that I experience, as well as my individual training with competitive goals in mind. I strive to get fitter and stronger every day! Getting my first ring muscle up during The Open Workout 18.3 was such an amazing feeling! The cheers and support from everyone in the gym that day created an electric atmosphere - and one that I will never forget. I got up that morning with the determination that I was going to make it happen, and I think it was that mindset that helped me do just that."

Congratulations Valerie on the fruits of your hard work paying off with your very first muscle-up! Witnessing that was an incredible moment that those of us who were there will never forget. And thanks to Jeff Duncan capturing every step of the process, everyone else gets to see it and celebrate right along with you Valerie! Thank You Jeff! 

50 and Fit image

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