May 7, 2018

All in the family

Written by Adam Neiffer

All in the family

After 25 years of living on opposite sides of the country, Bryan and his mom Donna are making the most of living closer together on the best coast. Not only do they get to spend a whole lot more time together these days, they also train together several times each week during the 9 AM QuickFit class! Donna started her fitness journey with personal training with her daughter-in-law Jolene in September 2017 and has since graduated to QuickFit class with her son and many others. Her motivation for starting with Jolene was she “didn’t want to stop living just because she was over 70”.  

Jolene noted that "sometimes our society sends a message to senior citizens that they CAN’T do things for themselves.  By always “doing” things for them we sadly end up enabling them to stop and just sit there waiting as life passes them by. Well, Donna wasn't having any of that!"

It's a joy to see Donna in the gym getting some regular exercise and inspiring to see her enjoy it along with her son Bryan and daughters-in-law Jolene and Tonya. Even her grandchildren Izzy and Lucas are developing early habits of a living a healthy and active lifestyle and participating in the CrossFit Kids program.  

Keep up the strong work Bollman family! You guys are an inspiration not only through all your fitness, but also by the way you appreciate one another and do so many things together as a family. You're awesome! 

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