March 25, 2018

CFV Workshops: Strict Pull-ups & Muscle-ups

Written by Adam Neiffer

CFV Workshops: Strict Pull-ups & Muscle-ups

Who's ready to get that first strict pull-up or muscle-up? Did the 2018 CrossFit Open light a little fire for you to put in some extra effort to make it happen? Are you frustrated by your lack of progress even though you've been working hard in the gym or are you tired of always scaling movements that you feel like you should be capable of performing by now? Maybe you're motivated to put in the work, but just don't know where to start? 

We've got you covered! We get it that gymnastics movements like strict pull-ups and muscle-ups can seem far away, frustrating, or maybe even out of reach. When you get them though, there is something amazingly empowering, satisfying, and rewarding about pulling yourself over the bar or the rings for the first time. 

With the right guidance, training progressions, and consistent practice, you have what it takes to get there. If you're motivated and willing to put in the work, we want to help you make it happen! 

Our Strict Pull-up & Muscle-Up Workshops consist of two parts:

1. The Workshop

This is a 60-90 minute session dedicated to providing you with the tools necessary to progress toward your goal. The strict pull-up session is around 60 minutes, the strict muscle-up session takes around 90 minutes. In each workshop, we'll establish a baseline of your current strict pulling strength and we'll teach the movements, drills, and progressions required to go from where you're at right now to where you want to get. 

2. The Program

Each program includes a 4-week workout plan that consists of 4-5 training days each week. Each day's work takes 10-12 minutes to perform. The magic is in the movement and the consistency, not an unnecessary level of volume. The program is designed to be supplemental to your regular CrossFit training: training can be performed before or after classes, or even during class warm-up time. Each participant will receive a 4-week PDF of the programming including video links to the movements.

Schedule & Registration

The Strict Pull-up Workshop is Saturday April 7th at 9:00 AM. REGISTER HERE

The Strict Muscle-up Workshop is Saturday April 7th at 10:00 AM. REGISTER HERE


There are no prerequisites for the Strict Pull-up Workshop and program; anyone can participate. If you already have your strict pull-up but lack confidence in it or the strength to perform multiple reps, this program is still a great option for you. While improving your strict pull-up, we will also work toward a strict chest-to-bar version of the movement.   

For the Strict Muscle-up program, prerequisites are a strict chin-up, strict pull-up, and strict ring dip. Athletes should be able to perform full range of motion of all three movements and do so with control in both the concentric (up) and eccentric (lowering) portions. 


Cost for the workshop and training program is $30. If you want to participate in the program but are unable to attend the group workshop at the scheduled time, we'd highly recommend contacting us about scheduling an individual mini-lesson so that you can kick off the training program the same week as the group. Our hope is that the goal of a strict pull-up or muscle-up is something that many of you would like to work toward and that you can do so in the good company other like-minded individuals on a similar path. Training is always more fun with friends! 


Both the Strict Pull-up and Strict Muscle-up programs consist of 4 weeks of training 4-5 days/week. Some athletes will get their first pull-up or muscle-up during that first block of programming; others will take months. Keep in mind that we're all starting at different points and the timeline to acquire a new gymnastic skill is influenced by many factors and varies greatly from athlete to athlete. As a coach, I'm not going to predict how long it will take each athlete, because I don't know. The important thing though is that if the goal means something to you, these workshops and 4-week training programs are the perfect place to start and will without a doubt help you to move in the right direction. I hope you decide to go for it!   

What about Kipping?

Kipping the pull-up and muscle-up has its place in improving fitness by increasing work capacity, coordination, and agility, but it is NOT a substitute for the strict movements. In fact, for safety and longevity in CrossFit and life, the strict versions of both movements should be developed BEFORE kipping. If you're interested in improving your kip so that you have the capacity to perform more reps faster, that's a great goal. Step one is to invest the time and effort necessary to develop the strict strength to set yourself up for success! Who's in?  


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