February 22, 2018

CFV's 2017 Top 11

Written by Andrea Roozen

CFV's 2017 Top 11

One for the books!

2017 was an unforgettable year in so many ways. Your CrossFit Fort Vancouver coaches recently sat down and reflected on our favorite moments. We tried to narrow them down to a top 10 list, but 11 is better than 10 anyway, right?

11. The Chili Cook-Off

Bryan Seekins wins the inaugural CFV Chili Cook-Off! Not only did Bryan win, he dominated! With a dish that can seem so simple, Bryan put in the time for this chili, smoking his meat days ahead of time. I think we are safe in saying this was a huge success for our gym. We had well over ten chili entries and all walked away with full and happy bellies. 

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10. Faith RX Naughty or Nice Benefit Workout

93 people participated in FaithRx Naughty or Nice children’s benefit workout. NINETY THREE! That almost breaks our fire code. Our gym was full of adults and kids working out together for one amazing cause. Most of you were too busy busting out a sweat, but the few of us that had a moment to stop and see what was going on in the gym, couldn’t help but to feel a huge sense of pride. Not only because people were doing something for a great cause, but because you were doing it through fitness and health.

9. Masters at the Championship

A masters division was added to the 2017 CFV Championship and it was a HIT! People around us are fit at all ages and we should celebrate that. Needless to say, we’ll be seeing these old folks throw down for the years to come!

8. Roo's Newsletter

CFV adds the addition of a monthly newsletter…should this be in the top ten? You tell us! We want your feedback and, we’d love to provide you with things that are possible. Our goals  are to get you healthy and fit for life, but if there is more we can provide to you that fall within these aspects, our ears are open.

7. All the Bar Muscle-ups

20 people (at least) get their first bar muscle up! We aren’t talking about getting their first muscle up in the 2017 CF Opens either - yes, we still had plenty of people crack that skill during workout 17.2, but aside from that, we had a ton of determined people throw themselves over the pull up rig and get their bar muscle up in regular gym training. Watching people get this skill is pretty rad, but watching people celebrate their success is priceless. 

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6. We got stronger

Gymnastics is not the only thing people of CFV are kicking butt at, we also had about 75% of people who participated in  Wendler Wednesday PR on either their front squat, bench press, or both. I love Wendler Wednesdays. When people start CrossFit, they are often hesitant about the strength part - not wanting to get too bulky, not wanting to injure themselves, thinking lifting alone won’t give you a workout - I get it, I’ve thought all of these things myself. When seeing the participation on Wednesdays during this strength cycle, I know these thoughts are no longer the norm. People are PUMPED and excited to do the work, lift the weights, and show their efforts paid off!

5. Sherrie's Journey

Sherrie Koss loses 70+ pounds and body weight drops below the 200 lb. mark! This accomplishment is so much more than Sherrie losing weight. She’ll be the first to tell you there have been many ups and downs on her journey of health, but the one thing she no longer lets stand in her way are excuses. The girl finds time to do work…whenever that may be. She’s even recently got her whole family involved in CrossFit. For those of you who have or are struggling with your fitness, weight, or balance in life, know that everything ebbs and flows, be patient, try and stay positive, and know you can find support in any of us. Success isn’t measured solely by the pounds you lose or gain, one small step at a time, you can overcome life’s obstacles.  

4. New Classes

New CFV classes are born! The 9am QuickFit Class started as a hit, and continues to be extremely popular. Along with the QuickFit, coach Colin decided to step up and be the earliest of early birds and give you  guys a 5am class option. Courtney coaches an awesome Gymnastic Skills class on Wednesday mornings at 11:00 AM and also leads a year-round CrossFit Kids class on Thursdays at 4:30.  Austin’s Endurance class is now 11:00 on Saturdays and we’re so excited for some upcoming sunshine and track days!  All the new classes are going strong and we thank you for your voice in requesting them.

3. West Regional Home Field Advantage

Regional home field advantage: The Farm Team cracks the Regional top ten AND both CFV teams can be screamed for (by almost the entire CFV community in the stands) in the same final heat. I don’t know what part of this makes me most proud, the fact that we were all competing on the same floor together at the same time, or the fact the we actually had to ask our supporters to quiet down just a tad in order to hear the commands on the floor. What an AWESOME problem to have. I cannot think of a Regional where we didn’t have the option to see familiar faces in the crowd. This has always been extremely inspiring and comforting. To have another 6 people of your family out on the floor with you, is both the icing and cherry on the cake!

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2. Adam coaches Team USA

Our leader leads Team USA at the 2017 CrossFit Invitational. There’s never been any question for us as a gym in knowing how lucky we are to have Adam Neiffer as our leader and commander. It is about darn time after 12 years the rest of the CrossFit community realizes just how awesome he is. This was an experience that I’m certain Adam will never forget, he'd tell you he was lucky to get it, however, I think I can speak for the rest of us when I say they were beyond lucky to get you! You represent your family, your gym and your country very well.

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1. The year of the Podium

CFV takes first place at the CrossFit Games West Regional and third place in the world at the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games. It’s the podium baby! Can I ever forget this? Heck no! And I won’t let the rest of you either. Like I said before, this accomplishment was far beyond 6 people, it spread out through our families, our gym and the entire community in the surrounding area. There’s no way we could have had the success we did without the people who stood by us the entire year and years before it. Never have I been so proud to come home to a gym where I could thank you all for such an opportunity and to bring back a third place finish! 

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