March 13, 2018

First time for everything!

Written by Adam Neiffer

First time for everything!

Next up on the CFV 18.3 Highlight Reel is shout out to all of the first-timers. A first time for anything in the gym is always special, but first-ever pull-ups and muscle-ups are just awesome--especially in the Open. Seeing them happen and the smiles and excitement that follow never get old! Let's give a massive congratulations to all of our first-timers during 18.3. Welcome to the pull-up and muscle-up clubs!

First pull-ups:



First Muscle-ups:







Mike H, Dustin, Danielle, Lacy, Austin, and Jordan also all performed at least one muscle-up. It may not have been their first ever, but first in quite awhile for a few of them. For Jordan, her 5 reps were her first time back above the rings since before baby Moses was born. In total, 55 CFV athletes recorded at least one muscle-up during 18.3. Awesome week everyone!

For those of you that still have yet to get that first pull-up or muscle-up, you're not forgotten! Sometimes, the motivation is there but knowing exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to practice it can be tough. 

Next month, we'll be kicking off our CFV Seminar Series with a weekend workshop on both the strict pull-up and the strict muscle-up. Each course will consist of a 60 to 90-minute session in the gym to go over the skills and drills required to get there, and every participant will receive a 4-week program to implement the content. Programming consists of 10-15 minutes per day, 4-5 days a week and can easily be accomplished before/after CFV classes. Emphasis will be placed on developing the strength and skill to safely perform these challenging gymnastics movements. 

If you're already driven to get that pull-up or strict muscle-up and are looking for a little guidance on how to get there, please let us know and stay tuned for more info! 

Your first session is free. Let's do this.