March 4, 2018

Goodbye Brian!

Written by Adam Neiffer

Goodbye Brian!

It sure is hard saying good-bye! Brian has been a dedicated member of our evening crew for the last three years. He is moving back to Colorado this week. Everyone that trains with Brian already knows he is not only an extremely hard worker, but also one of the most positive and encouraging people around. Brian, you will be missed dearly by your CFV family and you'll always have a gym community to come back to whenever you can get back for a visit!

Over the last three years, Brian has enjoyed significant gains in every aspect of his fitness. Some of his most notable accomplishments include first pull-ups, toes to bar, handstand push-ups, double-unders, and rope climbs. 

He's also gotten much stronger. Brian's bench press went from 155 to 250, his power clean from 75 to 225, and his snatch from nothing to 185. He can squat 300 and deadlift 400 lbs. 

Brian has invested a ton of effort into his work capacity over the last year and in the process has developed a super strong engine. Evidence includes 100 cals on the Airdyne in 3:08, a 1:43 500m row, and 100,000 meters rowed in 26 days.

The consistent growth of Brian's lats have also been responsible for ripping at least one work shirt.

Goodbye Brian! image

"I owe so much to CFV! My confidence has grown tremendously, and I have seen things that were once "impossible" become possible for me. I'm going to miss you all." 

We are going to miss you too Brian. Whatever gym in Colorado gets to welcome you into their doors will be a better place because you're there. Godspeed and happy travels friend! 

Goodbye Brian! image

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