February 15, 2018

Keep Climbing

Written by Adam Neiffer

Keep Climbing

One for the Ages

This is one of my favorite shots at the gym in the last year. Photos like this remind us how great the impact of CrossFit truly is: two strong women, both age 57, performing multiple 15 ft. rope climbs with confidence in the middle of a challenging workout. How amazing is that?!? 

When the Extraordinary becomes the Norm 

The craziest part about this photo is that doing extraordinary physical tasks like these are completely normal for Barbara, Avis, and an entire community of people that place a high value on physical health and functionality. We actually have to stop and think about it for a second to realize how awesome and how unique moments like these really are! 

Can you imagine seeing two women in their 50s climb a rope together during a workout 20 or even 10 years ago? Neither athlete had a background in gymnastics or sports in general, they both started CrossFit in the last several years, and Avis even mentioned there was no way she could climb a rope at age 20 but now it's fun! 

Simply amazing, yet so well within their physical capacity that extraordinary achievements like these that Barbara and Avis do daily have become commonplace. Even so, it's important for us to pause and recognize their significance from time to time.  

Resetting the Standard 

I have two daughters under the age of 5. I am so excited that they are growing up seeing strong women like Barbara and Avis climb ropes. I am grateful for this community and the example that is being set for our kids. Thanks for being awesome Barbara and Avis and thank you for capturing this moment Jolene!

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