April 26, 2018



We are excited to announce that we now have a CrossFit Fort Vancouver online apparel store!

What is it?

We have partnered with a company called MDI Apparel to offer many more options of CFV swag than what is typically available in the gym. You can choose from standard t-shirts, hoodies, zip-ups, tanks, joggers and much more. You can even order youth sizes or get a CFV onesie for that future baby CrossFitter!

How Does it Work?

Products are made-to-order when a purchase is placed through the online store. Choose from a pre-set design or create your own. Every single item is fully customizable through the site. You can add or move a logo anywhere you'd like or select your own color option. You can even click the "Design Your Own" tab and create anything you'd like. If you come up with an awesome design, you can share it with a friend or we can even add it in as a regular item that anyone can buy!

As an example, the CFV Onesie in the photo above is available in 14 different colors. You can choose from newborn size up to 24 months. If you want to add a gym logo or an American Flag on the back, it's your call!  

Once your order has been placed, your gear will ship directly to your door. From now on, whenever you want some CFV gear for yourself or as a gift, you'll won't have to wait until the next gym pre-order is placed!

How do I Order?

On the CrossFit Fort Vancouver website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “CFV Apparel Store” to place an order any time. Happy shopping!

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