December 1, 2021

Thorne Supplements

Thorne Supplements

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Thorne to provide high-quality supplementation for the CrossFit Fort Vancouver community!

Thorne Research Supplements is a company that is well-known and time-tested in the medical community. They are often the supplement company of choice for hospitals and doctors who may recommend supplementation for patients. Thorne's manufacturing processes set the industry standard for being exceptionally clean. As a result, most Thorne supplements have received the “Certified for Sport” designation from NSF – a globally recognized rating agency – certifying that their products are free from contaminants.

You'll see a few Thorne products available on our shelves at the gym, but the great part about working with Thorne is that we now have a CrossFit Fort Vancouver Online Store set up for the CFV community to purchase products and have them shipped to your door. In addition, every item in our online store is automatically discounted 15% every single time, so there's never any need for discount codes.

A few of our favorite Thorne products are their Vitamin D, Multi-vitamin elite, and Fish Oil. If you're going to be doing any supplementation, having the confidence that you're receiving the highest quality products and supporting your local gym at the same time is a pretty awesome combo!

Disclaimer: CrossFit Fort Vancouver earns a commission on every Thorne purchase that is made through our website as long as the customer creates an account at checkout. If you want to receive the BEST supplements AND support CFV, just remember to create an account the first time you check out of our online store. Thank You!

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