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From Coach Jess:

Know - Trust - Access
This morning I repeated a workout I did last year, today I did it 2 minutes 45 seconds faster than I did it almost exactly 1 year ago. The big takeaway for me COULD be that I’m just a little fitter than I was last year, and that is one thing I’m happy about. The lesson that I’m the most stoked about instead is the internal knowing of my paces, what I can actually hold and maintain without falling apart. You see, because last year when I did this workout, I wasn’t really thinking about it - I was just hoping I could hold a pace that didn’t kill me. Winging it. Based on my time from last year, I fell apart somewhere in the midst of the workout, almost certainly.

Knowing your cadence and pacing, trusting it, and being able to use it is a lesson that Adam has shared with me in the last couple of years that came from Coach Burgener and Cody Looney in the world of Olympic Weightlifting. In Olympic Weightlifting you have to know a position, then you can trust it, and once you know and trust it, you can access your potential (aka hit the lifts you want the way they were meant to be hit).

This rhythm of awareness is showing up not only in fitness, but internally. Knowing a bit more of myself is allowing me to trust myself, and to trust myself is to access the layers of me that have been tucked away, waiting for permission to be fully accepted. Accepted by me, for me. I’ve had less self-doubt, been less self-critical, and have had more meaningful conversations and experiences in my recent days than ever before. Still there are slivers of the old me that show up, old habits are too easy to sink towards sometimes and yet… I know that the trust I have in myself won’t waver as far; that I can just be still and sit with myself when it does. To end the 2022 year here fills me with gratitude.

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