Workout of the day

4 Rounds for time

20 Box jumps (24"/20")

20 Kettlebell swings (53lbs/35lbs)

3 Rounds, NOT for time

6/6 Lateral barbell backloaded step-ups

10/10 Single leg cross body Romanian deadlifts

*The first set of each movement should be light. The second and third set should provide a challenge but still focus on quality and a controlled tempo.

Intended Stimulus: Part 1

Focus on keeping a fast pace, fast transition times, and unbroken sets on the swings. Faster athletes will finish this workout in under 8:00 and no one should exceed 13:00. The box jump height should allow for consistent reps to be performed and never take longer than 1:15 on any round. The swings should be able to be completed unbroken on every round or with 1 break if the rest is managed well.

Intended Stimulus: Part 2

Unilateral lower body accessory training. Focus on quality of movement. Use light dumbbells instead of a barbell for the step ups if needed.

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