Workout of the day

Partner Workout

10:00 AMRAP

A. 1:00 Echo Bike

B. 12 Pull-ups (C2B)

2:00 Rest

10:00 AMRAP

A. 1:00 Row

B. 16 DB Snatches

During the first 10:00 AMRAP, partners will alternate minutes on the bike to complete as many calories as possible. While one partner is on the bike, the other will complete 12 pull-ups and then rest the remainder of the minute until they return to the bike. The row/DB snatch couplet follows the same flow, with the goal being to accumulate max calories on both the bike and the rowing machine. The pull-ups and DB snatches are capped at the :50 mark each minute to allow for transition back onto the bike/rowing machine.

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