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Wednesday, May 18
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1. Overhead Squat

7 x 3 (build)

2. Strict Handstand Push-up

7 x 5

3. 3 Sets:

Max L-Sit

25 Banded Good Mornings

1:00 Rest

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Dr Jeff overhead squat

Photo of the Day

Two weeks ago we did some front squats, last week we did back squats, and this week we get to do overhead squats! Did you know that the overhead squat is one of the best movements you can do for core strength?

Dr. Jeff definitely does!


“I absolutely love working out here! Adam and Colin are great teachers and go above and beyond! Ive seen positive results in myself both physically and mentally. If I could give CFV 10 stars, I would!!”
— Angela G.
“So amazing! Colin is great! If you are in Portland or Vancouver, you need to come to this box. So welcoming and great coaching.”
— Eric F.

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