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December 2014
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Workout of the Day

Partner WOD:

400m run + max strict pull-ups
400m run + max push-ups
400m run + max sit-ups
400m run + max KB snatches

While partner one runs 400m, partner two completes as many strict pull-ups as possible. When partner one completed the 400m run and tags partner two, he/she runs 400m while partner one completes as many strict pull-ups as possible. When he/she returns from the run, the same format is repeated for push-ups, sit-ups, and KB snatches.

The goal is to finish the entire workout for time while completing as many total reps as possible along the way.


Welcome back Ben!


Congratulations once again to everyone that put in the hard work and got stronger this fall.  Your gains are inspiring!  Here are some highlights:

The following men saw at least a 20 lb. improvement in their squat:

Mike, Joe, Ethan, Austin L, Joey, Ryan, Brian B, Dan, Fletcher, Michael, Tyler, Jason, Jamie, Sean, Colin, Josh P, Joe, Mack, Chris, Taylor, Ruben, and Joel.

Tyler led the way with a 62 lb. improvement while Mike hit the top number at 465.

The following ladies improved by at least 15 lbs. on their squat:

Kris, Trista, Andie, Andrea L, Mary, Julie, Erin, Krista, Jolene, Destiny, Sherrie, Elyse, Annika, Jan, Carrie, Rebecca, Jessica, Danielle, Laura, and Stephanie.

Jolene, Sherrie, Andrea L, Andie, and Jan all added 30 lbs. to their squat.  Stephanie led all the ladies with a 275 lb. lift.

Men that improved their bench press by 15 lbs. or more included:

Billy, Michael, Josh R, Ken, Angel, Joe, Austin C, Joey, Gerit, Sean, Chris, terry, Tyler, Josh P, Mike, and Jon

The highest improvement was Gerit with a 40 lb. increase and the highest lift was Mike at 315.

Women that improved their bench press by 10 lbs. or more were:

Kelli, Ginger, Kalaya, Donna, Darci, Vanessa, Jolene, Krista, Gina, Annika, Danielle, Jocelyn, and Destiny.

The highest improvements were Krista and Danielle at 20 lbs. and the highest lift was Donna at 155.

So many more that weren’t mentioned made significant gains in their strength as well.  Some of you fought just as hard as anyone for every rep over the last 8 weeks and put your all into achieving a 5 lb. improvement.  Thanks for showing up and training hard day in and day out, awesome work everyone!




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December 19, 2014
8:29 am

Yesterday the 10 a.m. class also watched Ski hit a 30 lb. PR on his bench press. It was so fun to be in a class where everyone was cheering. Congratulations everyone!