Daily Workouts

Thu, 05/07/20
Workout of the day

5/7 Whiteboard Brief

15:00 AMRAP

20 Sit-ups200m Run

Wed, 05/06/20
Workout of the day

5/6 Whiteboard Brief

1. 3-5 Sets

10 Pistols5-10 Strict Pull-ups, Body rows, or DB/KB Rows

2. 10:00 AMRAP

10 DB/KB/Object Hang clean & jerk20 Step-ups30 Double-unders

Tue, 05/05/20
Workout of the day

5/5 Whiteboard Brief

15 Rounds for time

10 Burpees100 Yard Shuttle Run (50 yards down and 50 yards back)

Mon, 05/04/20
Workout of the day

5/4 Whiteboard Brief

"Tabata This"

Object Reverse Lunge1:00 RestStrict pull-ups, object rows, body rows, or DB/KB rows 1:00 RestHollow Hold1:00 RestObject/DB/KB push press1:00 RestObject squats

Sat, 05/02/20
Workout of the day

5/2 Whiteboard Brief

1. 3-5 Sets

8/8 Single Leg Deadlifts8/8 Single Arm Z-Press8/8 Single Arm Rows

2. "Annie"

50-40-30-20-10 reps for timeDouble-undersSit-ups

Fri, 05/01/20
Workout of the day

5/1 Whiteboard Brief

10 Rounds for time

12 Single arm DB thrusters (6 right, 6 left)12 Lateral Burpees

Thu, 04/30/20
Workout of the day

4/30 Whiteboard Brief

30:00 AMRAP

30 Step-ups (or lunges) with weighted pack400m Ruck Run

Wed, 04/29/20
Workout of the day

4/29 Whiteboard Brief

1. 3-5 Sets

10 Pistols5-10 Strict Pull-ups, Body rows, or DB/KB Rows

2. 4 Rounds For Reps

1:00 DB Snatches:30 Squat Hold1:00 Sit-ups:30 Squat Hold

Tue, 04/28/20
Workout of the day

4/28 Whiteboard Brief15:00-

Run @ 80% effortWhen your clock reaches 15 minutes, turn around and run back to where you started, retracing the same path. On the way back, it's for time. Give it all you've got to complete your route in less than 15:00. Record total time of completion.

2. Core Finisher

6:00 EMOM (3 Sets)A. :40 Tuck-upsB. :40 Plank Walk-upsfollowed immediately by:2:00 Elbow Plank

Mon, 04/27/20
Workout of the day

4/27 Whiteboard Brief

For Time

100 Air Squats75 Jumping Lunges50 Push-ups25 V-Ups*Complete 5 burpees at the top of every minute (including 0:00)

Sat, 04/25/20
Workout of the day

4/25 Whiteboard Brief

12:00 AMRAP

15 Sit-ups12 DB/KB Deadlifts, right arm9 DB/KB hang cleans, right arm6 DB/KB Shoulder to OH, right arm *Each round alternate the arm doing the complex


20 Bulgarian split squats @2020:10 Rest between each leg1:00 Rest between sets

Fri, 04/24/20
Workout of the day

4/24 Whiteboard Brief"


20:00 AMRAP20 Overhead Squats (45/35lb)20 Back squats (45/35lb)400m Run

Thu, 04/23/20
Workout of the day

4/23 Whiteboard Brief

1. 10 Sets:

5-10 Upper Body Pulling MovementEX: DB/KB/Object Rows, Body rows on a sturdy table, ring rows, strict or toe-spot pull-upsRest as needed between sets

2. 25-20-15-10-5 Rep rounds of

V-upsSuper-mansHollow Rocks (or hold for :30 each round)Down-ups

Wed, 04/22/20
Workout of the day

4/22 Whiteboard Brief

9:00 EMOM (3 Rounds)

A. 20 DB/KB/object Reverse lunges B. 10-20 Push-ups C. 50 Double Unders

At the 12min mark, complete:

3 rounds for time of the triplet using the same numbers as you performed during your EMOM

Tue, 04/21/20
Workout of the day

4/21 Whiteboard Brief

20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 reps for time

Burpees*200m Run after each set of burpees

Mon, 04/20/20
Workout of the day

Support Your Local Box Week 3 Brief

For Time

50 DB Deadlifts (50/35)50 Abmat Sit-ups50 Box Step-ups (24"/20")50 Single-arm DB Thrusters (50/35)

Sat, 04/18/20
Workout of the day

4/18 Whiteboard Brief

3 rounds:

4:00 Work/1:00 Rest8 Push-ups10 DB/KB Hang clean and jerks (5 per side)12 Jumping LungesComplete as many rounds of the triplet as possible. After each 1:00 rest, pick up right where you left off during the previous work interval. At the 15:00 mark (after the third 1:00 rest interval), complete max plank jacks in 2:00.

Fri, 04/17/20
Workout of the day

4/17 Whiteboard Brief

4 Rounds for reps

1:00 DB/KB/Object Thrusters1:00 Russian Twists1:00 Line-facing burpees1:00 RestRecord total reps. Over & back = 1 on Russian Twists

Thu, 04/16/20

4/16 Whiteboard Brief


1000 Step-ups for timeWear a 45/35 lb. Backpack*


Partner "CHAD"

60:00 AMRAPMax Box Step-ups (45/35 lb.) barbell in back rack OR use a 45/35 lb. pack. While one partner does step-ups, the other runs 400m

Wed, 04/15/20
Workout of the day

4/15 Whiteboard Brief

1. Support Your Local Box Week 1 Workout RETEST

10:00 AMRAP10 squats9 dumbbell snatches, right arm10 push-ups9 dumbell snatches, left armRX = 50/35 lb DB

2. 10:00 EMOM

A. :30 Shoulder TapsB. 10 Pistols

Tue, 04/14/20
Workout of the day

4/14 Whiteboard Brief

5 Sets on a 5:00 Timer

800M RunRun each for time but be consistent. Save just a little on your first interval and empty the tank on your last one. Cap each work effort at 4:00 to ensure at least 1:00 of rest between each set.

Mon, 04/13/20
Workout of the day

Support Your Local Box Week 2 Workout

For Time:

100 Double-Unders21 Burpees75 Double-Unders15 Burpees50 Double-Unders9 BurpeesTime Cap: 15 minutes

10:00 EMOM

A. :45 DB/KB/Object Row (:20 each arm if doing single arm)B. :30 Hollow Rock/HoldScaled Version: 50 jumping jacks15 burpees35 jumping jacks12 burpees20 jumping jacks9 burpees

Sat, 04/11/20
Workout of the day

15:00 AMRAP

20 Sit-ups10 Left Arm DB/KB Hang Clean & Jerks20 Air Squats10 Right Arm DB/KB Hang Clean & Jerks20 Push-ups

Fri, 04/10/20
Workout of the day

4/10 Whiteboard Brief4 Rounds 3:00 Work/ 1:00 Rest400m Run*Max Devil's Press in remaining time

*Optionally sub the machine of your choice for equivalent distance/time

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