Workout of the day

30:00 OUTDOOR Movement

You choose the movements: Run, bike, hike, lift, carry, rake leaves, etc. Make it your own!

If you've had the opportunity to train most of the days this week, you are probably feeling it! On top of that, there have been plenty of other potential stressors beyond exercise and regular life in the mix this week. Check in with yourself and decide on the appropriate dose of intensity for today. Wake up in the morning ready to crush it? Get outside and run hard! On a trail, in your neigborhood, or at a track-- you pick the time and distance. Feeling like a recovery day or two would do your mind and body some good? Get outside, move, and do something you enjoy at a low-intensity casual pace. If you're not sure what to do, start running! Go for 15 minutes, then turn around and run back along the same route, but a little bit faster!

Your first session is free. Let's do this.